Windows 2012 R2 auto-reboot time bomb!

your pc will restart in windows 2012 r2 server countdown

If you’ve seen this, and are still reading this post, you have a healthy heart capable of skipping at least 3 beats. I know the first time I came across it mine skipped a few before I frantically tried to figure out how to stop it.

Step 1: I went in to CMD and did a “shutdown /a” to which the response was “no pending shutdown” – WRONG

Step 2: Run: services.msc – stop and disable windows update, then kill the Windows Update or wuaudit tasks in Task manager – CORRECT

Anyways, as of April 2013 Windows Update (KB2822241) which I would hope is installed on any server by now, you can then set a registry value (KB2835627) to force the reboot when you told the server to. I’m the captain now!