Phishing: As you may have noticed, I sent you an email from your account.

IMPORTANT: This is a phishing email example.

Some information about this email:

– The message will likely appear to come from your own email address
– They will reference stealing your password, and sometimes include a password you (hopefully) used to use
– It will be a demand to pay them a random sum of funds to a bitcoin address
– It likely will claim to have a video of you, despite that sticky note we all know you have on your web cam

WHILE this is likely due to your password at some point being phished, it could also be that someone you know was hacked and they’re exploiting their list of contacts. It is highly unlikely with this threat that the “hacker” has anything and is an actual threat.

An interesting thing with Bitcoin is that you can look up an address and see if money has been sent, in the case of this example, over 0.2 BTC (~$1000) had been transferred!
You can view the transactions here

Now if you trace that account, it doesn’t take long to get here. In this one trail of funds alone, they have amassed almost $750,000 CAD in BTC.

DO NOT sent them money, it only motivates these people to do MORE of these kinds of attacks!