Telus Assigning /31 Subnet on WAN

Came across an interesting one today, Telus has assigned us a /31 subnet on WAN for a new offering that sits somewhere between the “PureFibre” offering and “Managed Fibre”

They’re essentially offering 200mbps for $300/month, on existing “Managed” lines as long as no build cost.

However… they limit it to a SINGLE IP ADDRESS. Which is fine for a lot of customers.

Now the tricky part…

I tried to test the IP on my laptop, Windows 10 doesn’t let you configure the /31 ( IP on your IPv4 settings as Static.

Then I tried on the Unifi Security Gateway Pro, invalid subnet.


Not ideal, but I had to lie and put the subnet at – it works!

This shouldn’t be the end of the world as long as it doesn’t come up that my IPv4 /24 neighbour hosts something on their corporate network that we need to access… chances are slim.