Inspired Networks consulting, research, and advisory services are designed to deliver peace of mind whether you are evaluating your own IT infrastructure or looking for assistance in major projects or implementations. Regardless of your objective, successful consulting engagements begin with an understanding of the business objectives you want to achieve. Our IT Consulting, Research and Advisory service is based on a four-step approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization.


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1. Evaluate

We take time to understand your business, processes and roles of your users. It’s important to review any major plains or desired outcomes at this time. A complete network assessment is completed to determine your current configurations.

2. Recommendation

The information gathered during evaluation guides in providing a detailed plan to resolve issues, provide new features and aid your business in evolving with the technology. We provide a recommendation including budget for Hardware, Software, Labour, and recurring cost projections.

3. Implementation

While maintaining network access and business continuity, we implement the new technology keeping you informed and planning any interruption to services. Detailed documentation of the new configuration is provided and all goals identified during evaluation are reviewed.

4. Evolve

An ongoing relationship ensures that your team has access to a professional that was involved in or has integral knowledge of your project. We can work with you to provide managed services at this stage or be a tool for your internal IT department.