Inspired Networks deals with all major brands in computer and network hardware, and welcomes the opportunity to quote on your requirements. Due to the ever evolving product lines of different vendors our recommendations vary per industry and client, but we find ourselves sticking to some key players:


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The Basics


HP Proliant servers are top of the line hardware offering the best stability and feature set for small to medium sized businesses.


On the lower price point items we often work with HP ProBook and EliteBook lines, while executives have grown fond of the Lenovo X1 Carbon and X240 Lines.


We deal almost exclusively in HP EliteDesk workstations, offering a great price point and quality, with a range of specifications capable of being tasked with basic admin to graphic design workstation.

Everything Else

Please contact us so that we may provide you a quote on any of your hardware or software licensing needs. We have access to all manufacturers product lines that are in the business sector.